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Why advice?

For most people, fully understanding financial products can be hard and complicated, there is a lot to consider before making a decision. Decisions you make regarding your investments, pensions and protection provision will have a lifelong impact on your life, therefore it is important to get them right.

Money Minder's advice can help you. We live and breathe finance, and as experts in our field we ensure the right decisions are made to ensure a prosperous financial future for you and your family.

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Why use Money Minder as your adviser?

  • Your prosperity is our priority
  • We firmly believe in the financial education of our clients. Keeping you informed and able to understand your investment strategy.
  • We are Authorised & Regulated by the FCA
  • We source the best solutions from the whole market
  • There is no 'one policy fits all'. We will help you understand and create a bespoke portfolio, specific to you, your objectives, risk attitude and capacity for loss.

What advised investment services do Money Minder offer?

Initial Service:

Our inital service ranges from planning initial savings to investing large lump sums.

Ongoing Services:

We will continually review your investments and investment strategy to ensure they are fit for purpose, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

we also provide annual valuation reports to keep you informed.

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