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The name says it all. We aim to help you to look after your money by providing you with the knowledge and choices to maintain and enhance your wealth. Some of our clients already have a reasonable knowledge of their financial situation, others are looking for explanations of technical issues that surround the financial services industry. We pride ourselves in taking out the jargon and explaining step by step your options and choices.

People from all walks of life value Money Minder's advice and attention to customer services, including -

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Personal Financial Planning

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Corporate Financial Planning

Money Minder, led by husband and wife team Ray and Karron Black, has been offering sound independent financial advice since 1999. They provide easy access to qualified and highly experienced independent financial advisers that have been providing peace of mind and reassurance to their clients for many years thanks to their wealth of experience and very high service standards. Clients trying to make the most of their finances welcome the way Money Minder shares in the responsibility with them.

In addition to the face to face business, Money Minder also provide a high quality service via this efficient website that enables you to save time and money for their clients whilst still maintaining the brand of trust and value that clients have come to expect from Money Minder.

Select the online financial research assistant, the finance navigator, and be guided through an interactive question and answer session to find the best possible financial solutions for you based on the answers that you give. In addition to hugely discounted premiums your report will outline the pros and cons of many of the most common solutions independent financial advisers use to meet their clients needs.

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Online Discount

Flat Fee

As we are not providing you with any advice about the suitability of the plan you are purchasing, we give up all the initial commission that we would normally be paid and instead charge you a one off fee of 35 to process the paperwork. All of the commission that is given up is used to reduce the premium that you would normally have to pay.

This option is cheaper than going directly to the provider.

Minimum Hassle

By buying online you gain full access to our online discount. As an independent financial advisers we are able to offer products from across the breadth of the market place, helping you to find the policy that best suits your needs for the best price.

Because at no point have you spoken to a financial adviser this process does not qualify as formal financial advice, and as such you cannot claim any protection from the financial ombudsman authority.

However, if you feel comfortable with the information you have received and you are happy you now know what it is you want, you can take advantage of our online discount and proceed to our online market-place.