Money Minder UK

Investors In People

Since July 2004 Money Minder has been granted the Investors In People accolade. This is an ongoing award which is assessed on a 3 year basis and is a nationally acknowledged standard for companies committed to developing their people in order to achieve the companies aims and objectives.

The company is required to have a clear idea of its aims and objectives and what its people need to do to achieve them by developing their skills in order to improve performance. This means that the company must be committed to supporting the development of its people and encourage them to improve their own and others performance.

People are encouraged to believe their contribution to the company is recognised and in turn the company must be committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in the development of its people.

The company is also required to have a business plan with clear aims and objectives which are understood by everyone which in turn allows the company to development its people in line with the organisations aims and objectives.

Managers must be shown to be effective in supporting the development of people which will allow people to learn and develop accordingly. The development of people improves the performance of the organisation, teams and individuals as a whole.

Money Minder prides itself on providing ongoing training and development in order for its people to reach their individual goals and potential without loosing sight of the fact that the company in turn must also learn and develop to meet its people�s needs.