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Thinking about cashing in your pension?

A personalised retirement pension drawdown report will help you:

  • See how much income you could get
  • Weigh-up the pros and cons of 'pension drawdown'
  • Understand the merits of an 'annuity'
  • Explore the tax implications
  • See the effect of inflation on your income
  • Find out what happens to your pension on death


Why should I get a personalised report?

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Our personalised report will help you to answer these questions:

  • How much income will my pension give me

  • What is an annuity

  • What are the pros and cons of an annuity

  • What is income drawdown

  • What are the pros and cons of pension drawdown

  • Should I choose an annuity or drawdown

  • What's the difference between annuity and income drawdown

  • How important is inflation in retirement

  • Will an enhanced annuity provide me with more income

  • What will happen to my pension when I die

  • How should I invest my pension in retirement

  • What tax will I pay if I draw money out of my pension

  • What different annuity options are available

  • How important is it to have an increasing income in retirement

  • Single vs joint annuities

  • How do annuity guarantee periods work

  • How important life expectancy is when planning for retirement
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