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Summer Sale, 20% flat fee, just £20
Old Mutal Wealth
Royal London
Company Smoker
(monthly cost)
full term cost Non-smoker
(monthly cost)
full term cost Save up to...
Money Minder Online £18.69 £6,784.47 £13.95 £5,063.85 Cheapest
Moneyworld £20.50 £7,564.50 £15.04 £5,414.40 +£780.03
Compare the Market £25.02 £9,082.26 £18.67 £6,777.21 +£2,297.79
Life Assurance Online £22.80 £8,276.40 £17.01 ££6,174.63 +£1,491.93

(quotation details)


Quote Details

Figures based on a 'flat fee based' quote, income protection plan for a 34 year old male taking out £1000 month benefit to end at age 65 (30 year term). Prices as at 16th November 2016. Please note, this table does not include low start premium contracts.