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Money Minder Online £18.98 £5,694.00 £10.09 £3,027.00 Cheapest £24.31 £7,293.00 £12.41 £3,723.00 +£1,599
Compare the £24.74 £7,422.00 £12.41 £3,723.00 +£1,728
Life Assurance Online £24.90 £7,470.00 £13.24 £3,972.00 +£1,776

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Quote Details

Figures based on a 'flat fee based' quote, level term life assurance plan for a 34 year old male taking out £250,000 of cover for 25 years. Prices as at 16th November 2016. Please note, this table does not include low start premium contracts.