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How do I make a claim?

  1. The person entitled to the policy should first inform the life insurance company.
  2. They will then send a claim form to the claimant for completion.
  3. Usually the claimant needs to return the form to the insurance company with the original death certificate and the policy document.
  4. Sometimes a birth certificate will also be required.
  5. When the claim has been approved by the insurance company they will payout.
  6. If the policy was set up in joint names this will be the survivor.
  7. If it's a single 'own life' policy, it will be the executors of the deceased's estate that will make the claim.
  8. In the absence of a Will, the funds will be paid to the person entitled under the laws of intestacy.
  9. If the policy was set up under a Trust, the proceeds will be paid to the Trustees so that they can be passed on to the beneficiaries in accordance with the rules of the Trust.
  10. If the policy was set up as a "life of another" plan then the named owner of the policy will be entitled to the funds.

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