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How is a payment made?

When people start researching their life insurance options it's normally the amount of cover and the cost of the plan that tends to preoccupy them over and above anything else.

However, another important consideration is how the benefits of a life insurance payment might be be made in the event of a claim. Complications are the last thing a family member would want to have to deal with while they grieve.

On the death of a policyholder, the beneficiary of a life insurance policy will normally be asked to provide various items of paperwork when submitting a claim for payment. These usually include an original death certificate and proof of policy documents.

If the policy has been written in trust, then the payout can normally be made very quickly. However, in the event that the policy is not written in trust, the payout will only be made on production of the Grant of Probate, which may take some weeks or even months.

While it might seem unnecessarily morbid, it's worth checking with your provider what documentation would be required and when. This could prevent any unwanted hold up in accessing the money.

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