Money Minder UK

How we get paid

- Non advised services

Flat Fee Service

Money Minder Financial Services (UK) Limited give up all the initial commission that we would normally be paid and instead charge you a one off non refundable fee of £25 to process the paperwork.

No Fee Online Application

We understand that completing some applications and documents can be time consuming and frustrating and as such we decided to provide our online clients with a service that will hopefully make the process of applying for a financial product a lot easier. If you choose to use our No Fee service, we will help you through the paperwork and try to make the application process as hassle free as possible for you.

Our Execution Only Services

An Execution Only service means no advice or recommendation has been sought, offered or received

By buying online through services you gain full access to the online products offered by third parties (insurers) that have been heavily discounted, primarily this is because we chose to sacrifice all or some of the commission that we would otherwise be entitled to. All the commission that is given up is used to reduce the premium that you would normally have to pay.

As independent financial advisers we are able to offer products from across the breadth of the market place, helping you to find the policy that best suits your needs for the best price. However, if you choose to use our execution only Flat Fee or No Fee services, because at no point have you spoken to a financial adviser this process does not qualify as formal financial advice. As such you cannot claim any protection from the financial ombudsman authority.

Money Minder Financial Services (UK) Limited keeps records of all our business transactions for at least six years. We treat all our clients' records as confidential. If you require copies of your records we hold about you, we reserve the right to charge a fee for copies of records. Currently, our charges are £25 per file or part thereof.

WE DO NOT HANDLE CLIENT'S MONEY. We will never accept a cheque made payable to us for forwarding to investment companies unless it is a cheque for our process fees, i.e. Flat Fee service. We never handle cash.

Please read - non advised services terms & conditions